Crypto Bank Sygnum Launches a Tokenized Trading Platform

Singapore – The famous crypto bank Sygnum has launched an end-to-end tokenization trading market to enable fractional trading in high-value assets and unlock access to SME funding. This crypto bank currently aims to become the world’s first regulated Digital Asset Bank and a cryptocurrency specialist with a wider global reach. 

According to the most recent reports, Sygnum Pte Limited’s capital market services are licensed in Singapore. This platform empowers qualified private and institutional investors, banks, corporates, and other financial institutions to invest in the crypto industry with complete trust. 

With the recent launch, Sygnum now offers a primary market issuance platform called Designate and a second market trading venue SygnEx. These platforms allow customers to use tokens in new and existing financial and real assets as works of vintage cars, diamonds, and art.

According to the famous crypto bank, the tokenized trading platform will surely attract a broader network of investors and raise capital by issuing a security token. Currently, Switzerland has around 600,000 SSMEs, and over 45,000 new companies are getting interested in Sygnum.

According to the company executives, the tokenized trading platform can solve many challenges startups and SMEs when raising capital in traditional markets, such as the extensive listing requirements and high costs. With the Sygnum platform, the assets are more widely accessible, affordable, and easily tradeable with fractional ownership. 

Signum’s mission is to empower both investors and issuers to create and access frontier and unique investment opportunities. Since day one, it has been the core part of the famous crypto bank. With Sygnum’s latest projects, SygnEx and Desygnate, more people can access better blockchain-powered business solutions that open up a world of new opportunities for capital market enthusiasts to do business and earn money.

These Sygnum projects are considered a milestone in the digital asset market since it now enables issues to tokenize new and existing financial and real assets.

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