Crypto.com Brings the Famous Visa Card to Canada

Singapore – After the recent launches in Singapore, Europe, and the United States, the Hong Kong-based crypto platform announces its move to Canada. Crypto.com highlighted Canada’s embrace of Hong Kong’s cryptosystem. 

In a statement released last week, Crypto.com’s CEO and co-founder Kris Marszalek said that Canada is an innovative and tech-savvy country that is very welcoming with cryptocurrencies. Crypto.com Visa cards will provide the country’s residents with the most beneficial and rewarding debit card in Canada’s crypto market.

 With this launch, Crypto.com can represent the latest milestone to bring Visa cards to more countries. The CEO also shared that this move has been in the works for many months. 

Furthermore, Crypto.com is one of the leading crypto payment card solutions set on achieving wider adoption worldwide. Currently, the Hong Kong-based platform functions as a debit card and an app. 

Through its card transactions, the app enables users to buy, sell, receive, and send virtual currencies. Plus, they can earn interest, use DeFi apps, and take out credit. Currently, the Hong Kong-based platform serves over five million users globally. Today, Canadians can apply for a Crypto.com Visa card, which the company will begin shipping next month. 

The Crypto.com Visa card features a high-end and sleek metal design that gives users many perks, such as no annual or monthly fees, no foreign transaction fees, no-fee ATM withdrawals, and 100% rebates for Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Netflix. 

Crypto.com‘s expansion in Canada is a natural step to move rapidly in its cryptocurrency adoption. This launch follows incredible successful rollouts of Crypto.com Visa cards across Singapore, the United States, and 31 European countries.According to Crypto.com, interested customers can reserve a card in their official mobile app. After completing a short onboarding process, including ID verification, customers can use the mobile app to manage their transactions, freeze, and unfreeze their cards with a single tap.

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