Crypto Exchange ‘Liquid’ Launches Crypto Ledger Book

Singapore – Japan’s Liquid exchange, one of the world’s largest fiat-cryptocurrency exchange, announced its partnership with Xfers, a Singapore-based B2B payment platform. According to the executives, they will introduce the first-of-its-kind crypto ledger order book for XSGD/SGD Liquid transactions.

Furthermore, the latest open-source blockchain protocols will run the crypto ledger book. XSGD is the SGD stable coin and will have a 1:1 parity with the Singapore Dollar. Although Liquid’s main headquarters is in Japan, it is consistently among the top ten exchanges by fiat-cryptocurrency volume in Singapore.

 Also, Liquid has one of the best user experiences in security and service levels in the industry. Currently, Liquid is one of the most prominent global exchanges to adopt multi-party computing or MPC. This feature focuses on securing cryptographic assets.

At the time of writing, Liquid continuously grow its features and services. Recently, the executives announced that they are currently enhancing the platform’s user experience. Liquid and Xfers will benefit from blockchain technology together while helping customers instantly deposit and convert SGD to XSGD stable coin.

According to the most recent reports, Liquid will operate as SG holders’ gateway to convert to XSGD and participate in the digital asset markets. The Japan-based platform will also ensure that its quality markets become available to XSG users and Singapore customers.

According to Liquid’s Had of Product Marisa McKnight, Liquid’s goal is to work closely with local regulated stable coin issuers in various jurisdictions. They want users to quickly and easily deposit SGD to a platform like Xfers and realize blockchain’s power. McKnight also stated that they are thrilled that Liquid’s quality markets will become more available to Singaporeans through these XSGD listings.

Since digital currencies have gained popularity this year, Liquid expects more users to consider utilizing blockchain-based crypto ledger books. Meantime, investors and institutions are rapidly jumping into the digital asset space.

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