Crypto in Singapore: Crypto.com Becomes an IDAXA Member

Singapore – Leading Hong Kong cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com confirmed its partnership with the International Digital Asset Exchange Association (IDAXA). According to the executives, this membership can help the company’s mission in pushing a better worldwide crypto adoption. The Hong Kong-based company will help IDAXA to shape and enhance the worldwide crypto regulation. 

Since the IDAXA works with government regulators, agencies, and other international bodies, Crypto.com and IDAXA can develop better legislative guidance and requirements for virtual currencies. 

Crypto.com‘s spokesperson said that joining IDAXA is one of their goals to achieve its mission of accelerating the world’s transition to virtual currencies. Crypt.com CEO Antonio Alvarez also said that this membership could expand the global footprint of Blockchain and Crypto Trade Associations in Asia.

With IDAXA and Crypto.com, more businesses and institutions can safeguard the industry’s interests and serve as vehicles towards convergence while enabling inclusive, sustainable growth. 

Singapore’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry is one of the biggest policymakers that work closely with IDAXA. This association partners with Hong Kong Blockchain Association and Blockchain Australia to develop a clearer and better legislative regulation regarding cryptocurrencies. 

Next week, some reports confirmed that Crypto.com would be in Saudi Arabia to see how the country can help shape the policy regarding the Financial Action Task Force’s “Travel Rule.” 

While Crypto.com is not as big as its competitors, this platform can reach more users and help them buy and sell fiat currencies and over 80 virtual currencies. In just two months, the company has developed seven versions of its application, including Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Turkish. According to a recent report, Crypto.com now reaches over 75 million Turkish speakers. With Crypto.com‘s membership at IDAXA, the company proves its dedication and commitment to molding a better and more solid crypto regulation.

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