DeFi Project KingSwap Confirms Migration From Uniswap

Singapore – DeFi project KingSwap confirmed its migration from Uniswap and decided to build its liquidity and farming pools. This November, the project earned over $4 million in transaction volume within three days in Uniswap. Now, KingSwap‘s DEX features will be available through its official website, https://www.KingSwap.exchange. 

The Singapore-based crypto exchange is a high-yield liquidity platform that offers various digital collectibles, fiat conversions, and staking rewards. Through its migration from Uniswap, KingSwap can provide more user-friendly features and real-time benefits regarding contributor rewards and price curves.

 According to DeFi’s executives, they are very pleased with the quick progress of KingSwap and its new liquidity and farming pools. A KingSwap advisor also said that they are very pleased with the early traction and visibility that the company needs to generate an enthusiastic customer base. Currently, DeFi looks forward to building new partnerships with exciting NFT platform enhancements and launches in the coming weeks. 

DeFi CEO shared that they founded KingSwap with a team of experienced and professional leaders in finance, crypt, and banking, including Dr Anish Mohammed, one of the most prominent officials in HSBC, Lloyds, and Zurich. Besides that, Mohammed was also an early advisor to Ocean Protocol and Ripple. 

Other famous KingSwap advisors include Venture Capitalist Dr Giampaolo Parigi (PhD), Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO of Transform Group and Co-Founder of BitAngels, Dr Robert Choi (PhD), and Frank D MBA). These advisors are globally recognized as cryptocurrency pioneers. Therefore, many critics consider KingSwap as a breath of fresh air in a world full of scams.Since its first launch in September, KingSwap has been using an operating four liquidity pool. Although it lacks direction to move forward, the team works very hard to figure out the right path ahead for KingSwap. DeFi will continue to communicate with its users to maintain a user-friendly exchange.

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