Singapore’s Crypto: How Bitcoin Evolves and What’s Behind It

Singapore – Despite the coronavirus pandemic and tons of price drops, Bitcoin has continuously reacted positively and has gradually added over $2,000 value for its digital currency. Other alternative coins have also doubled-down on their recovery sessions, expanding the total market cap by another $30 billion.

Today, Bitcoin has been chugging along for more than a decade and undergone plenty of changes. Over the years, the company has put steady work on functionality enhancements, such as soothing information exchange, enabling sidechains, and improving compatibility issues. 

Like all technologies, Bitcoin continuously strives to give its customers affordable and convenient digital money transfers. Last 2017, Bitcoin has amplified its block capacity and formed a new Bitcoin blockchain called Bitcoin cash. 

The company also got various professionals with different philosophies, political convictions, life goals, and economic incentives to implement a more meaningful alteration to the digital asset. 

Today, many well-known crypto businesses, such as Square Crypto, Coin Base, BitMEX, and OKCoin, work closely with Bitcoin. These partners help ensure that Bitcoin‘s developers are well-funded and productive. According to most reports, Bitcoin continues to grow since it promotes diversity. The company ensures that the network is not influenced by one set of priorities alone. The company continuously strives to push Bitcoin development’s diversity even further. 

This week, US President-elect Joe Biden announced his plan to nominate Janet Yellen, a former Federal Reserve Chairman, as the US Treasury Head. Yellen has said that she may not be a Bitcoin fain in the past, but she supports cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. Treasury appointments are essential to Bitcoin since it will shape how the US financial regulators approach digital currencies.While it is convenient to think that Bitcoin has a bright future, people should not lose sight of the tough work involved in achieving that. The company needs to frequently level up its diversity to not fall into the same trap as most of today’s technology networks.

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