Top Asian Crypto Exchanges to Watch Out for in 2021

Singapore – Asian cryptocurrency exchanges are crucial to the world’s blockchain ecosystem since they create mostly vast pools of supply and demand. With the recent surge of digital assets like Bitcoin and XRP, the number of crypto exchanges is rapidly growing. As Asia currently dominates the world’s crypto and digital asset ecosystem, the battle of exchanges is becoming fiercer than ever. 

Since the time that Bitcoin came to truly global prominence in 2017, the Asia Pacific region, especially Singapore and Hong Kong, has become a hotbed for cryptocurrency trading. 

More Asian crypto exchanges offer robust control systems to detect, report, and prevent financial crime and market abuse behaviour. This situation is the same in Singapore, where the Monetary Authority of Singapore or MAS issued strict guidelines stating that crypto exchanges are subject to the licensing regime.

Top Asian Crypto Exchanges in 2021

Here are the top Asian crypto exchanges that can dominate the 2021 Cryptocurrency ecosystem:


KuCoin can become more popular in 2021 since it has an interactive platform where investors can trade various crypto assets and future leveraged contracts. With this crypto exchange, users can access real-time price charts and indicators. 

While KuCoin does not charge deposit fees, users face a minimum withdrawal amount for all supporter coins. However, GAS and NEO are withdrawable without additional charges.

Huobi Global

Huobi Global is a China-based crypto exchange available in other Asian countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The exchange is very appealing since it does not charge any additional fee on deposits and offers beginners an informative trading guide.


According to the recent reports, more coins and exchanges are flowing into Asian exchanges than North American. It is not surprising considering Asia has typically outdone all other regions when it comes to crypto appreciation. 

However, at the time of writing, North America is trying to move up the financial ladder and prove to be a major hub for crypto trading despite the US regulatory issues. Some claim that North America’s call as a leader in the crypto space is still a bit early.

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